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Submit Offers to Book Sessions

With Buyer access, and after finding a simulator that meets your specific needs, you can review session availability and submit offers to book available sessions for individual simulators.  Booking offers can be submitted to those simulator operators that are accepting offers from Sim X: The Global Simulation Exchange on behalf of its' Buyer users.  

All booking offers are submitted directly to the simulator operator (the Seller) for their review and confirmation.  Receiving booking offers requires the specific simulator operator be signed on as a Seller on Sim X: The Global Simulation Exchange.  

For the purposes of booking and availability each individual simulator that is accepting offers has a dedicated booking calendar.  Try the Demo Booking Calendar to see how it works. The Seller has full control over all aspects of the booking calendars for all his specific listed simulators, including rates, rate visibility, session durations, session start/end times and a host of other properties. As an example, session rates can be varied and set by individual session, by time of day, by day of week, by week, and by month.  Seller's can even offer discounts to help move unsold sessions.    

Signing on as a Buyer, Editor or Seller requires acceptance of the approriate terms and conditions for that access, all of which are available to Registered users.  All terms and conditions and requests for additional access are available and made on your My Access tab on your Edit Profile page.

Buyer, Seller and Editor access is FREE and open to all aviation training industry professionals.